Thursday, April 23, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Haul Part 2

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Yesterday I talked about the satin/matte ColourPop shadows Smash, Cheeky, and Girl Crush.  Today I've got On the Rocks, Friskie, and So Quiche to show you in all their sparkly glory.
Friskie, So Quiche, On the Rocks
So Quiche features a dirty olive base shade with fuschia and gold microglitter.  The microglitter gives it a duochrome effect that is quite fetching.  So Quiche applied smoothly and I had no issues with sparkle fallout. 
Friskie has a deep charcoal base with silver microglitter.  I found ColourPop's description amusing, si here it is:  "Rich black doused with high levels of silver glitter and hints of pink glitter. Smoky, mysterious, sultry with a handful of F*** You. Shy need not apply."  ColourPop seems to enjoy using f*** in some form in their shadow descriptions, as it showed up in So Quiche's as well.  Friskie had the most obvious sparkle when I wore it, which was sparingly along my upper lash line.  It's probably more appropriate for night time wear.
My favorite of these three is On the Rocks, a bronze with gold and violet microglitter.  It pairs particularly well with Smash, my favorite of the satin/matte finish colors.  Just sooooo pretty together.
All of the PopColour Super Shock shadows that I tried wore well for me over primer, with some fading after about 8 hours.  I found them easy to work with, with Cheeky from yesterday's review being the poorest performer (but still not that bad) of the six I purchased.   The glitter shades can be worn sheered out or fully opaque.  Per my usual preference, I went for more sheered out application.
Smash + On the Rocks

Girl Crush + Frisky
So Quiche
It's a bit easier to tell the duotone shimmer in the outside pictures.  As an aside, Rouge Bunny Rouge's Olive Violetear is the perfect crease shade for So Quiche, especially if you don't want to carry the glitter up that high.  I did have some glitter fallout during application, so used a setting spray to hopefully circumvent any more glitter spread.  Fortunately, the glitter is so fine that it's not super obvious anyhow.  Loving these!
 ColourPop Super Shock eyeshadows are $5, and I see more in my future.

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