Friday, April 10, 2015

Wink Colour Mascara in Brown Sugar by Butter London

Let's start off on a positive note, shall we?  Look at how pretty the inside of the Butter London Wink Colour Mascara ($20) box is....I love little touches like that. 
Now, onto the not so positive aspects of this mascara, which I really wanted to love.  You see, I like wearing brown mascara, and was hoping this would fill that void for me.  However, the formula of Brown Sugar, at least, is a pain in the butt on several levels.
I found it hard to apply, in that no matter how many times I brushed the applicator over my lashes, the mascara just did not want to go on.  Hence why I have so much on my upper lid, as I was determinedly trying to get some on my lashes.
Most of my mascaras, including waterproof ones, remove fairly well with my facial oil cleanser.  Not this one.  It does not want to come off, and even when I thought I had removed most of it, I wake up in the morning with lower lash raccoon eyes.  The final strike against Brown Sugar is that even though it does not want to be removed, it smudges on my lower lash line.  No, just no. 

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