Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Watermelon/Moonstone Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle by BECCA

I waited and waited on getting one of Shimmer Souffles, fearful that the shimmer would be too overwhelming for this oily skinned girl.   The Watermelon/Moonstone combo was touted as one of the less sparkly shimmer souffle duo's, so I finally took the plunge.  Now that the temps have been rising, I've been visiting all things that shimmer....so let's see how that worked out.
First off, how pretty is this in the pot?  It doesn't stay that way once you use it, as the watermelon and gold blurs together, but whaddya gonna do?  Second, I do enjoy the fruity scent - it's a nanosecond flash of aromatherapy, which helps awaken my senses just a bit more on blurry mornings.
Third, I like the color!  It's actually softer than I was expecting based on the online swatches I saw, but you know how monitor colors can be (maybe there is more Moonstone than Watermelon in mine?).  As for the shimmer, it's definitely there, but not to the point that it emphasizes skin imperfections.  Application is easy with fingers, but I prefer a small but dense brush to buff the shimmer souffle on.
I embraced sparkle/shimmer in this FOTD to the point that I threw caution to the wind and went metallic with my lip look, blending Giorgio Armani's Eye & Grow Maestro Gel in Gold 09 (review here) with Surratt's Ladybug Lipslique.  Did you hear that Surratt is now at Sephora?  I need to put a full review of Ladybug up soon.  I held off as up til now, Surratt was exclusive to Barney's and much of the line seemed out of stock online.  But now....
I've also been wearing lots of spring green, one of my favorite colors in the world.  There is just something so cheerful about new leaf green.
BFTE's Emerald City + Ulta's Olive Oil Gel Liner
So, I think my choice of the Watermelon/Moonstone Shimmer Souffle worked out well!  I don't feel the need to acquire any others, but this one will see some use during the warm weather months, which lasts almost forever in Mobile.
Sparkle away, Watermelon/Moonstone

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