Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Haul Part 1

Intrigued by all the glowing ColourPop reviews I've seen online as well as the budget friendly prices, I decided it was time to check out some ColourPop eyeshadows.  My biggest issue was decided on which ones to chose, and finally decided on 3 satin/matte finishes - Girl Crush, Cheeky, and Smash, and 3 sparkle finishes - On the Rocks, So Quiche, and Friskie.
First off, these arrived nicely packaged and with a hand written note, always a nice touch.  Despite only costing $5 each (!!!), each shadow is packaged in it's own box and nothing about these feels chintzy.  Today I'll be showing you the satin/matte finish shadows and tomorrow I'll feature their sparkly sisters. 

I love, love, love Smash.  This is a one and done color that goes on smoothly and makes me happy every time I use it.  It's a soft, warm toned buck tan with a lovely sheen, and my favorite of the six colors I picked up.  If you love neutrals, this is a stunning shadow.
I bought these shadows right before ColourPop released their new blushes, but Cheeky appealed to me as both a shadow and blush shade.  Described as a “mid-toned candy coral pink with a duochrome satin finish” (I'm not seeing the duochrome, myself).  Cheeky worked better for me as a shadow than a blush, as the finish was not as smooth as I would have liked.   Consequently, it didn't look as natural on my cheeks, ruling it out as a blush color.
Girl Crush is cool toned taupe and in the pan it looks like wet cement to me.  On the skin I distinctly see a lavender undertone that makes it rather unique in my collection.  In close up shots Girl Crush doesn't look completely smooth, with pigment emphasizing skin imperfections a bit.  It's not really noticeable from a distance, however.
The swatches are 2 finger swipes over bare skin, and indeed applying with my fingers worked the best, although using a brush helped with blending colors.  The shadows do play nicely with each other, making them easier to work with than a true cream formula.  The formula is a cream to powder, and while you can make indentations in the shadows with your finger, they are more spongy than a true cream.  They will dry out if not kept closed tightly, hence this warning:
I've been playing with these for over a month now, and I really, really like them.  It's exciting to see a new cosmetic company
that is offering good performing, cruelty-free products at very reasonable prices.  Lots to love here.  A few looks I've done with Smash, Cheeky, and Girl Crush:
I'm interested to see how the formula holds up over time and if it changes/dries out.  Regardless, at $5 a pop, these are lovely!

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