Monday, August 31, 2015

Loving Your Unloved v3: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in Raspberry Pie, Creamsicle, Sweet Tart & Candy Apple Usage

Picture taken July 4th
I ended up taking almost 2 months for the 3rd volume of my Loving Your Unloved series, as it seemed like these Revlon Colorburst lip butters just did not want to show any signs of being used.  Perhaps it was because I was trying to make progress on 4 of them (I had to be restricted when it comes to variety), so I compromised by extending the time.  Plus, I've been too busy with work to take pictures :-)
If you are unfamiliar with my Unloving Your Unloved series, it's where I focus for an extended period of time on a product (or products) that has been neglected for a while.  This neglect can be a result of just having too much freakin' stuff to chose from (guilty), or because it just never grabbed my fancy the way I had hoped.  My goal is to make progress using up some cosmetics or to fall (back) in love with something that's been neglected.  Let's see how these four Revlon lip butters fared.
Well, Raspberry Pie, as beautiful as it is, remains neglected because it's just a color that falls outside of my comfort zone.  More often than not, I would  wear Creamsicle layered on top to temper the shade, although the above is Raspberry Pie worn alone.  I need to get more comfortable with this color as I can't find it in me to toss.
Creamsicle was the one I expected to use the least, but I ended up wearing it the most.  It worked well blended with the other colors, and while on it's own it washes me out a bit, I do like how moisturizing the lip butter formula is and would find myself reaching for it more as a lip balm during the day. Here's an example of Creamsicle being used to temper a very intense color, L'oreals matte I Lacque You a Lot, which is an in your face red hot candy color that is drying to wear on it's own.:
I Lacque You a Lot
I Lacque You a Lot + Creamsicle
Sweet Tart is a fairly wearable pink for me, but I wouldn't say I'm crazy about it.  Still, it works well enough that it will stay a part of my collection and will see some wear.
I did fall in love with Candy Apple, which is an uber wearable coral red for me.  Love.  I'll be reaching for Candy Apple a lot more often.
So, some hits (Candy Apple and Creamsicle) and some near misses (Raspberry Pie and Sweet Tart), but nothing that needs to be tossed.
My choices for v.4 of the Loving Your Unloved series are two MAKE blushes, Geisha and Czarina, two lovely blushes that have languished unloved for too long.  

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