Monday, August 3, 2015

Fierce Blue Total Intensity Eyeliner by Prestige: Review and Comparisons

I bought Fierce Blue last year and somehow never got around to either wearing or reviewing it.  Til now, that is.
Fierce Blue has a dark blue shimmer in a blackened base, and it is indeed fierce.  It glides on easily, although to get opacity you will need to make a few passes with it.  Once it sets it does not budge, flake or otherwise diminish on my oily lids for a good 8 hours.  Impressive.
I've got more than a few blue pencil eyeliners and yet none are dupes for Fierce Blue.  I'm always fascinated when I do comparisons at how many variations of a color there are and that rarely do I have an exact dupe.  Take a look:

  1. Fierce Blue by Prestige
  2. Cute Robot by Tarina Tarantino
  3. Navy Smoke by Julep
  4. Deep Ocean by Rimmel
  5. Sabbath by Urban Decay
  6. Binge by Urban Decay
  7. LSD by Urban Decay
The Total Intensity eyeliners are about $6 and Fierce Blue holds it's own against brands that cost three times as much.  Really, really nice.

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