Monday, August 22, 2016

August Julep: Endless Summer (No, Please No)

The thought of an endless summer makes me want to curl up in a ball, preferably in a cool, dark room. August is an oppressive sauna like experience in Mobile, and I've reached the end of wanting anything to do with it. That does not mean Julep's August box was a bust, however, even though they did experience a product glitch that led to a bit of a windfall for me. Let's explore.
I decided to customize my box and pick up some staples I've had my eye on, like the bronzer brush, cuticle vanishing drops, cuticle pusher, and the charcoal konjac sponge. I also selected the uber gorgeous holographic Eliza from the new August polishes, and the vintage gold chrome Spencer was my bonus for selecting 3 add ons.  The product missing, however, is Julep's new to market No Excuses - Invisible Suncreen Gel. Julep did let me know that it was being delayed and that they would ship it out separately.
On August 8th I received this in an email:

Thank you for your patience with No Excuses - Invisible Sunscreen Gel. We know you wanted this product, and you've been waiting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we won't be able to release No Excuses any time soon. (Yes, we're really bummed about it, too.) We want to make it up to you. Here is a special promo code for $50 of product on Julep.com. Use it to replenish your favorite Julep products or find some new ones. 

Kudos to Julep for communicating clearly with their customers and being so generous with promo dollars! I ended up getting all 3 of the August polish mystery boxes and with the code only payed $10. Now for some closeups of the August items.
Eliza: Infinite Ocean Halographic
I like Julep's brushes! The tulip shaped bronzer brush has a weighted handle and soft, duo fiber bristles. I would imagine this brush could be used with any powder product, but I have been using it with Julep's bronzer to good effect.
Sigh, my cuticles need all the help they can get. I've used the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover twice since I received it, and it does make it easier to push back and remove excess cuticle.
Apparently the Vanish drops and Cuticle Pusher are used in the Julep salons, and while I was a bit skepticle of the Cuticle Pusher at first, I've decided I like it, as it does work well.
You know, last year I bought a Foreo Luna Mini to cleanse my face with. It's nice and all, but I reach for the It's Fun to Exfoliate konjac sponge 4 out of 5 times. Sometimes technology doesn't win out.
September 2016 Maven Cheers to Five Years (Source: Julep)
The September Maven Reveal for the "Cheers for Five Years" collection opened on Saturday and closes the 24th. I've selected the mini gel pencil set, as Julep's gel pencils are good. Really good.

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