Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Culling My Collection: 2016 Lip Gloss and Lip Crayon Declutter

The number of lip glosses/lip crayons I have is certainly excessive and a declutter is in order. I find it hard to locate items and my Westie Lulu has gotten into the bad habit of nose bumping the containers within her reach until they are all on the floor.  This happens when I'm at work and is apparently something she enjoys. I'm taking it as a further reminder that it is time to cull my collection!

Let's start with these L'Oreal Infallible le glosses.  I'm not much of a hot pink lip person, so I'll keep 125 and 805 but toss 140, pretty as it is.  Tally: 1 tossed, 2 kept.  Next are some discontinued Buxom matte lipsticks, which had a pretty darn good formula.  A few have turned and a couple are not colors I wear, so...
I'm tossing five and keeping Tokyo and Miami. I'm off to a pretty good start here, with 6 items tossed and 3 kept.
Next are four Ultra lip pencils, Tangelo, Charmer, Muse and Bewitched. Charmer had gone bad - you can see where it's bunching up in the swatch, so it got tossed. I also tossed Muse and Bewitched as I do not reach for them. However, I do like this particular Ulta lip crayon formula and think they are a good inexpensive lip crayon. Tally: 9 items tossed, 4 kept.
 All three of these lovely ladies are staying, as I really like the L'Oreal La Laque and Le Matte crayons with their intense pigment.  Nice.  Tally 9 items tossed and 7 kept.
Now for one of my favorite color families - corals and oranges. Apparently I forgot to take pictures of the ones I kept vs. tossed, but I believe I tossed 4 and kept 4. Tally 13 tossed and 11 kept.
Ah, Tarte LipSurgence lip tints.  I like them, but honestly think they are overpriced at $24 and I hate how easily the caps crack. Most of these I got as part of sets, and after swatching decided to part with five and keep five.
I kept Sweet, Achiote, Glitzy, Swank, and Moody.
Getting tossed are Perky, Enchanted, Stunning, Peaceful, and Dazzling. Tally: 18 tossed and 16 kept.
I've got 3 ColourPop lipsticks: Topanga, Toucan and Tipsy.  Tipsy didn't really work for me, so it's going.  I'm keeping Topanga and Toucan, for a tally of 19 tossed and 18 kept.
I'm keeping the two at the end: Palladio's Sangria and fresh Sugar Rose, making that 22 tossed and 19 kept.
Here are some similar shades of red lip crayons (Urban Decay's Theodora and Mirenesse Flirty Kiss)  and two somewhat close mauves (Buxom's and Urban Decay's Glinda), so I swatched to see who would win out.  And the winners are....Flirty Kiss and Glinda - the two in the middle. The tally is now 24 tossed and 21 kept.
Now for some pink and dusty rose colors.  I'm keeping 3 and tossing 3, and once you see the pictures it will be clear that I prefer certain colors over others.
I'm keeping the more dusty rose colors and tossing the pinks. In case you didn't know, Sula was the precursor to Bite Beauty, or at least they have the same creator. Sula was available at Ulta and I bought several of their glosses when they were being discontinued, and they are nice.
The tally is now 27 tossed and 24 kept. Now for some tube glosses, including a few discontinued Urban Decays.
I've got 2 of the Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glosses, so I tossed the one that was used and kept the other.  I also kept the Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gloss and Benefit's Sugarbomb.
Tally: 30 tossed and 27 kept. Next are a variety of lip crayons from different brands.
I liked the majority of these, so only 3 are getting tossed: 2 Ulta crayons and the Burt's Bees.  That makes 33 items tossed and 34 kept.
Ah, there is something just so visually pleasing about these cameo pinks and nudes.  All but two made the cut, with Le Metier de Beaute (LMdB) and Rimmel's Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna getting tossed (first and last glosses in pictures).  The LMdB gloss was from the VIP program and the consistency had changed, and Luna just didn't work well for me. Tally: 35 tossed and 41 kept. My numbers are reversing, and I think that trend continues from here on out :-(

Only two of these are getting tossed - the two at the very bottom:
The tally is now 37 tossed and 49 kept. Now for another color category I really like - my beige and brown hued glosses.
Three of these are getting tossed: the discontinued Mermaid from Too Faced and the two Estee Lauder glosses on the right - Wired Copper and Praline Paradise.  I wore the heck out of Praline Paradise for a while, but it's time to move on.
The tally is now 40 tossed and 56 kept. Now for some favorites, my coral pink glosses.
No great surprise here, but I'm keeping all of them.  Tally=37 tossed and 55 kept. Next are my cooler toned pink glosses.
I'm tossing two of these:  Birchbox Pink from Jouer and Cargo's Venice.  Venice looks sooo pretty in the tube but is basically a clear gloss, which is disappointing.
Total tossed is now 39 and items kept are 59. Another favorite color category are my pinky coral red glosses.
Gah, just so pretty. The only one I'm tossing is the 5th one, a glitter gloss in Fuschia Fantasy from Estee Lauder. That makes 40 items tossed and 64 items kept. I'd like to say we are close to the end, but there is actually enough left to get through that I'm going to save it for Wednesday's post.  So, stay tuned as I continue to make my way through a ridiculous number of glosses. Ridiculous.

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