Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Can the Essence I Love Colour and I Love Stage Eye Primers Best My Oily Lids?

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
I did a mini-haul of Essence products recently, including two eye primers.  The I Love Colour Eye Intensifying Base is lighter in color and is supposed to give your shadows more intensity, whereas the I Love Stage is a primer for either concealers or your shadows and is supposed to prolong wear without creasing.  At $3.49 each, I figured "what have I got to lose?"
Both primers had good reviews on ulta.com, and I liked the idea of I Love Colour's pale rose-white base color for intensifying shadows, as NYX's Milk pencil never worked for me (creased immediately).  The consistency of I Love Colour is quite rich and creamy and it does blend out nicely. I can only get a few hours wear before my oily lids make mincemeat out of it, and the result at the end of the day was a hot mess. So sad.
I still had hopes that I Love Stage would work, hope springs eternal and all that. Again, the consistency is quite creamy, more so than any other eye primer I've tried. The color definitely leans yellow, but it blends out nicely so that I didn't look particularly jaundiced.

Sadly, I didn't not see much of an improvement and my lids were again a hot mess at the end of the day. Granted, my oily lids are like the ultimate extreme test climate for eye primers, but both of these failed miserably for me.  Fortunately, I'm only out $7, which lessens the sting a bit. I'm still on the hunt for an inexpensive eye primer and will try the Wet 'n Wild one next, having read good reviews on it.
Begining of day (natural light)
End of day (flash)

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