Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Culling My Collection: 2016 Eyeshadow Palette Purge Part 1

Time to go through my eyeshadow palettes and see what will be staying or going. I've collected a fair amount of palettes in the past 4 years, but honestly some just don't see the light of day. I hope that by culling my collection to a more manageable (but let's be honest, still quite excessive) amount I will be able to use  the items I truly enjoy more regularly.
While powder products have a longer shelf life than other cosmetics, you'll see a few examples of shadows that have gone bad due to mold growing on them. Just one of the hazards of living in a city with the highest amount of rainfall in the US. Humidity central here.
Let's start with theBalm's shady Lady palettes v. 1-3. I like the quality of these shadows but the palettes just haven't seen much use. Looking at them all together, I decided that v. 1 has the best color selections for me, although there are shadows in v. 2 and v. 3 that I also like. So, I decided to depot the shadows I liked from those two and put into a Z palette.  That makes 1 palette kept and 2 tossed.

Next are some Too Faced palettes that haven't been getting much use either, the Shadow Bon Bons palette (2012) and the Be Merry Be Bright holiday palettes (2013).
I did use the Shadow Bon Bons for a while but honestly, it was lacking for me. I wasn't even tempted to depot any of the shadows, if that tells you anything.  I did depot two of the shadows from the Be Merry palette.  Tally is now 1 palette kept and 5 tossed.
Buttered Rum and Very Money
The Tarina Tarantino Jewel palette is quite nice, but I just don't reach for it.  The same can be said about all of those, so I decided to toss them all after extracting a shadow I wanted to keep from one of the Clinique palettes. That makes 1 palette kept and 9 purged. I'm off to a good start, which is usually the case. It gets tougher...
I've got 3 all matte palettes: stila's discontinued In the Know, Kat von D's LE Ladybird, and PUR Cosmetics discontinued Soul Mattes. My favorite is In the Know but all 3 are good and distinct enough in color that I will be keeping all three. I'm not even tempted to buy the new Urban Decay matte palette as I think I've already got most of the colors covered by these 3 palettes. The tally is now 4 palettes kept and 9 purged.
In the Know
Soul Mattes
Tomorrow I'll continue with Part 2 of the palette purge, so stay tuned!

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