Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Culling My Collection: 2016 Eyeshadow Palette Purge Part 2

Continuing with my palette purge (you can see Part 1 here), I've got 2 discontinued Stila palettes: In the Garden and Not So Nude.  I have not used In the Garden much at all, and in swatching the shadows again my impression was they were a bit dry and chunky.
I have used Not So Nude a bit and even took it with me on a trip, although I haven't used it since then.  The quality of the shadows is just so so, and the convertible color in Lily has gone bad. I'm going to toss both palettes, although I'm depotting Kitten to put in a Z palette. It's a classic for a reason, and surprisingly this is the only one I have. That gives me a tally of 4 palettes kept and 11 purged. Feeling good and freeing up space.
Now for 5 palettes, four of which I'm tossing and keeping one. The NYX Love in Florence has only one shadow that I use, the gray matte in the thin, long strip. Good gray mattes have been hard to come by and the one in my stila In the Know palette is crap, so this is my go to.
The Laura Geller trio is nice but neglected, and the color selection throws me off for some reason. I've got an odd sentimental attachment to the tokidoki palette and the shadows are pretty good. The It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty has seen some use but I feel neutral about it. The Lancome palette was a gift with purchase and for whatever reason I just never use it.
So what am I keeping?  Tokidoki and the gray shadow from Love in Florence. That makes 5 palettes kept and 15 purged.
Next are my Wet 'n Wild palettes. There is not a thing wrong with these but I just don't reach for them, so out they go. Tally is now 5 palettes kept and 18 tossed.
The four palettes below are all making the cut. I selected the shadows for the Rouge Bunny Rouge trio and know I like them. The Sephora Pantone palette has some duotone shadows that are unique to my collection and I like the quality of the shadows overall. The Laura Mercier palette has not seen as much use but I do like the shadows and want to get more familiar with them. The Julep duo is good quality and are colors I like, which makes it a keeper. That makes 9 palettes kept and 18 tossed.  The tide may be turning in the other direction.
Now for another 3 palettes I know I'm hanging on to.  The MAKE palette is phenomenal.  MAKE doesn't get much love in the blogging/YouTube sphere, but their eyeshadows in particular are pigmented, smooth, and just great quality overall.  That is every single one I've tried. My Chantecaille palettes hold a special place in my affection, as I love the presentation and they are very wearble palettes for me. The tally is now 13 palettes kept and 18 purged.
Sigh, another 3 palettes I know I'm keeping. Estee Lauder's shadows are about middle of the pack when it comes to formula quality, but I like them. I prefer buildable color as opposed to BAM color from the get go, so maybe that's why these work well for me. Plus, no way am I getting rid of the larger palettes with the blushes and bronzers. I'm keeping the smaller one for travel. Now I'm at 16 palettes kept and 18 purged.
My Keven Aucoin contour palette contains eyeshadows that I don't particularly care for, I'm keeping it for the contour and highlight powders, which are wonderful. I honestly never reach for my Lorac Pro palette, but I feel like I need to give it one more go before tossing it. I'm not sure why I don't reach for it, but if I don't in the next few months I may as well find it a new home.
I've got three more brands to cover, but since I own multiple palettes from them I'll save it for tomorrow. My final tally for Part 2's palette purge is 18 palettes kept and 18 purged, so it is neck and neck. Tomorrow I'll go through my bareMinerals READY and Urban Decay palettes and show you what I've done with my Le Metier de Beaute eye kaleidoscopes. I'm pretty happy with the outcome:-)

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