Thursday, September 1, 2016

Culling My Collection: 2016 Palette Purge Part 3

Time for the final part of my palette purge, starting with Urban Decay! I've got more than a few, including some BYO's that will obviously be staying because I chose all the shadows in them:-) I've also got some discontinued and limited edition palettes, as well as Naked. So let's see what makes the cut. The tally from yesterday's Part 2 is 18 palettes kept and 18 palettes tossed and/or partially depotted, in case you are keeping count.
Yikes, my Naked 1 is growing mold:-( Mobile has high levels of humidity for a good portion of the year, which makes a great climate for mold and mildew to grow, unfortunately. I haven't reach for Naked that often, although I did use it for a month solid when I featured it in my first installment of "Loving Your Unloved" over a year ago. I depotted a few of the colors for my Z palette, but it's time to say goodbye to this one.
I almost never reach for the discontinued Mariposa palette, although every time I look at Money I swoon a bit. I find the tin container hard to open and the way I've been storing some palettes means out of sight, out of mind. So, I'm depotting the colors I like and putting them in a Z palette.
Same with the discontinued Skull palette. I'm pretty sure I picked up both Skull and Mariposa at deeply discounted prices in order to round out my UD shadow collection, so I don't feel bad about depotting colors I know I'll use and putting them in a Z palette and discarding the rest. I never really cared for the UD shadows that contained microglitter anyhow, which is more than a few of these.
 So, I'm tossing 3 Urban Decay palettes:
And keeping 8, which makes 26 palettes kept and 21 tossed.
Next are my bareMinerals READY palettes. I love the formula of the READY shadows and picked up most of my quads during an Ulta 50% off sale a few years back.
Sadly, one of the 8 pan palettes has been blighted with mold, so it's got to go. It's a cooler toned palette that I did not use very often, but it still makes me sad. The tally now stands at 32 palettes kept and 22 tossed.
The last category of shadows are from Le Metier de Beaute (LMdB). These are probably my favorites, and most of them were in eye kaleidoscopes I've collected. I love the look and concept of kaleidoscopes but they are not the most practical, so I decided to depot all of them and put them in palettes a little over a month ago. The LMdB singles I have proved resistant to depotting, however, although I gave it a valiant effort. There are some other shadows in the palettes as well, but the larger round shadows are all from LMdB. I find I'm using them much more often now and I love having them grouped more in color families.
I did need to purchase another Z palette to house the depotted shadows from my palette purge as well as my Makeup Geek blushes, which lost their home when I depotted my eye kaleidoscopes. I chose the Tiffany blue Z palette and am loving my new arrangement of blushes and shadows.
I ended up keeping 38 palettes:
And purging and/or partially depotting 22 palettes:
All of my palettes (except the 2 mammoth Estee Lauder ones) now fit into 2 drawers right next to my makeup table, which means all palettes are easy to see and within reach. I'm using shadows that were being ignored much more often and enjoying items that have languished unloved for far too long. I am happy with this outcome! I really need to quit buying any more eyeshadow palettes for like, years. Maybe ever. Ha.

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