Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipe Set

Disclaimer: I purchased these.
I've been eyeing the Pacifica facial wipes for a while and finally picked up the Travel Ready set ($14), which contains five different varieties in smaller packs of 10 each. I also got the Future Youth Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask and the Ginger Root 10-in-1 Hair Volumizer, although today I'm going to focus on the wipes. Spoiler alert: I really like these! Plus, look at the pretty packaging/colors.
The set contains:
  • Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes: Coconut water infused natural towelettes gently remove toxins, oils, pollutants and makeup-up from your skin without water. These also contain the natural exfoliant Papaya as well as aloe vera and soothing calendula.
  • Essential Makeup Removing Wipes: Coconut milk infused natural towelettes gently remove makeup, daily pollutants, and everything you don't want to sleep in without the use of water. Other ingredients of note are chamomile, calendula, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. While I rarely use wipes to remove my makeup, I did stay up way to late one Friday and was too tired to do my usual cleansing routine so I tried these. It took 2 wipes to get everything off, but I thought they were pretty effective. I still had some mascara smudging going on, but the rest of my face was clean and soft.
  • Moisturize Energize Serum Wipes: Add a blast of instant hydration and floral water to wilted, tired skin. Energize and leave neck firm and refreshed. Ingredients of note include glycerin, birch sap, aloe leaf extract, coconut milk, green tea extract, vitamin e, and calendula. While these are marketed for those with dry to normal skin, I did not find it too heavy/slick for my oily skin.  
  • Peach and apricot infused natural wipes help remove dead skin and brighten the look of skin. These can be used after removing makeup as a final treatment prior to applying moisturizer. Ingredients of note include Willow Bark extract, aloe leaf, sage, rose, papaya, apricot and peach extracts, and vitamin e.  Natural grain alcohol is #3 on the ingredient list, although my oily skin is pretty hardy and I did not feel that these were particularly stripping or harsh. However, I use wipes sporadically and not every day, so there is that.
  • Super Detox Deep Purification Wipes: Super green kale, cucumber and mangosteen infused natural wipes deeply cleanse and help decongest clogged pores. These can be used after removing makeup as a skin care step prior to moisturizing. Willow bark extract and natural grain alcohol are higher on the ingredient list, which makes them well suited for my oily skin, although they are supposed to work for all skin types.  
All of the towelettes contain fragrance, although they are noted as being natural in origin. I personally love the scents in each of them, so that's not a detractor for me. I keep these in my refrigerator and primarily use them on the weekend as a quick skin refresher and especially after working in the yard. While I've been pretty loyal to the Yes To makeup wipes, the Pacifica ones have risen to the top of my list now. They are more expensive and smaller in size, however, but considering I mainly use them for the reasons I listed, I'm okay with that.

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