Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beautifying Lip Smoother in Blackberry Muffin by Catrice

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
I dipped my toe into the Catrice product pool recently, and I've got to say I'm impressed so far. Today I'll be showing you the Beautifying Lip Smoother in Blackberry Muffin ($4.99), which is actually a lovely coral gloss with gold shimmer. Not sure how it got the name 'blackberry muffin', as there is nothing blackberry like about it, but it's all good regardless.
What intrigued me about this gloss was an Ulta reviewer's comparison of the Beautifying Lip Smoothers to Clarin's Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, which I've always wanted to try but balked at paying their $26 price. Both are supposed to be nourishing and provide soft washes of color. A comparison of the ingredient lists tells me both also contain shea butter and mineral oil, with Catrice also listing jojoba oil, while Clarin's has mango butter.

What I know is that Blackberry Muffin does feel quite moisturizing and comfortable, with a light, non-sticky texture. It wears a short 2-3 hours, which is about normal for me with this kind of non-sticky/light gloss. I like it!
Blackberry Muffin
I only see 3 shades listed on Ulta's site and I chose Blackberry Muffin because it looked the most vibrant, and I lucked out with it being the kind of coral pink I like. The gold shimmer is not super obvious unless it catches the light, and then it pops.
I wouldn't call the Beautifying Lip Smoother super smoothing, as my lip lines are still obvious, but it does have a nice shine and gives lips that plump and juicy look. I quite like it, and with Ulta's frequent sales, think it's definitely an inexpensive treat to check out if you are a gloss fan like I am.

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