Thursday, May 4, 2017

Farmhouse Fresh Haul and a Mother's Day Gift

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
I've been a fan of Farmhouse Fresh products ever since I picked up a few of their products from a local spa about 4 years ago. So, when I received an email letting me know they had a special going on, I moseyed on over to see what new products they might have. I picked something new and an old favorite, so let's take a closer look!
The old favorite is the One Fine Day Shea Sugar Face Polish ($25). It's a gentle cleanser and exfoliator that is targeted towards dry and sensitive skin, but I find it works well for oily skin as well.
I like using it a few times a week as my morning cleanser, although it s gentle enough to use daily if you prefer. The scent (grapefruit and citrus oils) is lovely and puts me in a good mood, and my skin is left feeling smooth, clean and soft. My first jar lasted me well over a year, and I'm happy to have another!
The something new are two All-Purpose Shea Butter Balms ($12.50) in Marshmellow Melt (scented with all natural tonka bean and sandalwood), and A la Mode (reminiscent of old fashioned vanilla churned ice cream). 
The fragrances on both of these is soft but does linger for a while, and indeed I need to sniff my hands in order to detect them. I'm okay with that, as I will wear them mainly at night, when I tend to have my hands near my face. I wore Marshmellow Melt last night and could smell the scent when I woke up throughout the night due to thunderstorms. 
There are several oils and seed butters in these balms (coconut, soybean, shea butter, mango, cocoa, and apricot) so they are oily in texture. While they do sink nicely into the skin after a few minutes, they are not the kind of balm I would put on when I need to do something with my hands right afterwards. Hence, perfect for night time when I want a more emollient and heavy duty moisturizer for my hands and feet. I bet these will work wonders on my cuticles as well.
For the free shea butter body lotion, I chose Marshmellow Melt ($30) as a Mother's Day present for my mom. She loves body lotions and I keep her in good stock :-) The glass pump bottle feels luxurious and the packaging is lovely.
I love the ethos of Farmhouse Fresh, with their focus on natural/organic ingredients and animal rescue (you can read about those here), and appreciate the little extra touches on the packaging and a $5 off code for my next purchase. They were also extremely generous with samples, including some lovely postcards! 
The free shea butter body lotion GWP runs through May 7th if you would like to indulge, and mine arrived 3 days after ordering, so you should receive it in plenty of time for Mother's Day if you are gifting. You can also check out my reviews on Hello Yellow Shea Butter, Fresh Honeysuckle Blood Orange Custard, Honey Heel Glaze, and the Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Lotion if you need other gift ideas. I've yet to be disappointed by any of the products I've tried, although I will say the Whoopie! Cream scent is not my favorite :-)

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