Monday, January 30, 2012

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette

I seen a girl on a one way corridor stealing down a wrong way street, for all the world like an urban toreador
she had wheels on on her feet.  Well the cars do the usual dances, same old cruise and the kerbside crawl, but the rollergirl she's taking chances, they just love to see her take them all.  -Skateaway, Dire Straits

Rarely do I buy what I consider to be discretionary items at full price.  I don't know if it's practicality or the thrill of getting something on sale, but it just means more to me if I can get it at a discount.  I also like makeup palettes, which usually include multiple items at a much cheaper price than if you were to purchase them separately.  So, when Urban Decay's Rollergirl palette went on sale for $16, that was the tipping point for me.  I knew that the three neutral brown shadows included were a safe bet and you really can't go wrong with the 24/7 eye pencils, but I wasn't sure about the pink shadow at all.
But you know what, it all works.  As vibrant as both the shadow Woodstock and lip gloss Crush look, they are really nice shades of pink that provide a pop to the neutral shades, yet are not too over the top.  The lightest shade, Verve, has become one of my favorite brow and inner eye highlighters.  The gloss has a pleasant mint taste and is glossy yet not overly heavy or tacky.  The size and magnetic closure make this a good portable palette so Rollergirl will probably be a go to travel choice from now on.   

All of these shadows can be found in other Urban Decay palettes.  Darkhorse is in the original Naked, Suspect in the Book of Shadows, Verve in Naked 2, and Woodstock in the Fun palette.  Rollergirl originally retailed at $32 but is currently half off at Urban Decay and can be purchased for $16.  

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