Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orange Vanilla Body Butter and Pit Putty Cream by Bubble & Bee

I've been a fan of Bubble & Bee's products for several years now, in particularly their body butters and their natural deodorant Pit Putty Creams. A recent scent offering in Orange Vanilla had me pairing both for a deliciously scrumptious scent that reminds me a bit of orangesicle cake. Yum.
Orangesicle Bundt Cake, source Simple Nourished Living
I noticed that this version of Bubble & Bee's 100% organic body butter had undergone a slight formula change from one I bought a couple of years back in the Sugar & Spice scent (review here), in that macadamia and olive oils are no longer in the mix.  I think that helped cut down on the greasy after feel I experienced with Sugar & Spice, although I love that scent to death. It's a go to cold weather body butter for me, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Orange Vanilla is still a dense body butter with exceptional skin conditioning ingredients, namely organic shea butter, organic coconut oil with retained coconut meat, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, organic vanilla extract, and organic sweet orange essential oil.  If the zombie apocalypse does come, I'm pretty sure I could eat these and be okay.
I know some people don't like having to apply cream deodorants with their fingers, but it's not a big deal to me.  I've had good success with the Bubble & Bee Pit Putty Creams in a variety of scents (you can previous reviews here and here), and Orange Vanilla's formula did not let me down.  I live in a semi-tropical, hot and humid climate and I find that I can get through an average day just fine with these. Do they keep me scentless when I'm mowing the grass in 90+ degree weather?  No.  Nor do these take me through say, 18 hours of wear. These natural deodorants do have their limits, but I like 'em.
The body butters come in two sizes, 4 oz for $16.95 and 8 oz for $24.95.  I just ran out of the 4 oz version I bought, and I'll be going back for more! The Pit Putty Creams are $10.85 and a jar lasts me about 3 months with daily use.
Body butter
Pit Putty Cream

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