Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sweet Escapes Kit by Wander Beauty

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
I purchased the Sweet Escape Kit ($36) during Sephora's 15% off sale back in April, and now that I've been using it a while, it's time for a review. Wander Beauty is a new to me brand, and is marketed as a luxury travel-inspired brand informed by the experiences of co-founder and supermodel Lindsay Ellingson.  
The Sweet Escapes Kit consists of three products:
  • Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Champagne (0.17 oz.)
  • Glow Getter Mist (2.02 oz.)
  • Beach Balm in Sangria (0.16 oz.)
The packaging is lovely and definitely gift-worthy, plus these are all full-sized products with a value of $99. But are they good? Yeah, yeah they are. Although one of them gets some major demerits for it's packaging. Let's investigate.
First up is the Glow Getter Mist ($28). I've been on a bit of a facial mist kick lately, even though I've been concocting my own with really good results. But the exotic ingredients in the Glow Getter Mist intrigued me, cause who doesn't want Icelandic glacier water that's been filtered through layers of volcanic rock? Not to mention the 25 nourishing oils and six fruit and herbal extracts. Plus it's a four-in-one primer, hydrating mist, setting spray, and skin refresher.  
But OMG, the nozzle spray on this sucks. SUCKS. I felt assaulted the first time I used it and had large blotches of liquid drops on my face, not the fine mist I was expecting. I gamely gave it a second go, thinking maybe I needed more distance between the bottle and my face, but it was still a miserable experience. So, I've transferred it to another bottle that does give me a fine mist, and I like it now. Will it replace my homemade concoction? I can't say it will, but I will happily use this up.
I love liquid shadows, and the Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Champagne ($26) is my kind of color. The formula also features green tea, aloe, and vitamins C and E to help sooth and condition your lids. My lids need all the help they can get #agingskinissues, so I'm game. Thumbs up on this one, as it is opaque, smooth, easy to apply and wears beautifully.
The final product is the Beach Balm in Sangria ($22). This is for both your lips and cheeks, although it's gel formula is a bit too emollient for me to wear as a blush. I love it on my lips though, as it's got enough color that I can wear it on it's own or over a lip liner when I want to add some gloss and color. Some balms actually make my lips feel more dry, but this one feels hydrating and is comfortable to wear. I can get about 3 hours of wear from this, sans eating. I like it.
Overall, this is a really nice set and a good introduction to Wander Beauty! The nozzle spray on the Glow Mist was a nuisance, but the mist itself is nice. The two color products are ones I will definitely get lots of use from. Worth checking out if you are curious about the brand, IMO. I also like that these are cruelty free and that the set was made in Korea, as I associate Korea with more advanced formulas, at least when it comes to skincare.

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