Monday, May 21, 2012

NYX Cream Eyeshadow in Olive Branch

NYX's Cream Eyeshadows are hit or miss, and sadly I found Olive Branch to be a miss.  I was really excited about this golden green, but I found it hard (impossible?) to get an even application.  Patchy city, is all I can say.  I actually thought I'd gotten good coverage until I looked at the eye shot and saw bald spots.  Sadness.  Even my arm swatches were patchy unless heavily layered, and trying to sheer it out was a no go.

Previously, I've reviewed Suede, Chocolate, Aqua, and Pinky Beige and these performed much better in comparison to Olive Branch.   These are billed as being water resistant but they are not - they wash away easily, no makeup remover required. 

They are relatively inexpensive at about $5 each, but given Olive Branches application issues, that was $5 down the drain for me.  Too bad, as it's a gorgeous color.

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