Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Eco Emi

September Eco Emi
September's Eco Emi marks the beginning of fall and cooler weather, my favorite time of the year. The items featured are:
  •  Burts Bees 10 ct. facial cleansing towelettes:   I haven't tried this and do use cleansing towelettes, so looking forward to trying these.
  • Silken Earth Powder Blush in Honey Bronze by Aubrey Organics:  the powder base on these is formulated from silk, which is rich in amino acids.  
  • Organic milk chocolate Angell crisp bar:  Fair trade, gluten free, and quite delicious, I must say.
  • Original Green Teal Leaf Mints by SEN CHA
  • Lip balm by Good Fortune:  I didn't receive one, hmmm.

  • Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme by Biao Beauty:  Interestingly, the booklet that was included for Biao Beauty is both hefty and stunning, but the sample itself is just a foil packet.  The products do sound intriguing!
  • Skin Detox and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life:  I believe I got a substitute, as mine are Yogi teas. 
  • Organic Soy Nut Trail Mixby Crum Creek Mills
  • Soft Conditioner & Bubbling Body Wash by SparkleHearts
  •  Lavendar Sea Laundry Detergent by Safonique:  Oddly, I'm the most excited about the laundry detergent.  Strange, I know. 
On the plus side of September's box, all of the items will get used and I do enjoying discovering new items.  On the negative side, I didn't receive the lip balm, which was actually the highest valued item at $4.  The total value of the box is about $14, which is less than the $15 I paid.  On the plus, plus side, customer service at Eco Emi is superb.  I contacted them via their email help feature, and within an hour Christine had emailed me back apologizing for the missing lip balm and offering to send me a new box.  I truly appreciate that!

Disclosure:  I subscribe to Eco Emi for $15 per month. 


  1. You have so many awesome box subscriptions! This one is fabulous, I would be most excited about the laundry detergent too lol

    1. I think I've reached my limit for box subscriptions. At least I hope so!