Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BFTE Greens Round 2: Mouse King, Tropical, Kraz, & Journey

Beauty from the Earth (BFTE) has got such a nice selection of eye shadows, and I definitely picked up a good sampling of their green colors.  Today I've got Mouse King, Tropical, Kraz, and Journey to show you.  All swatches are over UD's Eden primer and the darker swatches are using BFTE's Mix & Fix medium.

Mouse King is a bluish green shimmer.  There was a fair amount of sparkle fall out with this one, so applying wet may be the better option.
Mouse King
I'm fascinated with Tropical, it's another of those color morphers.  Notice how the dry swatch has some yellow undertones, bu the wet swatch leans more blue?  If you enlarge the jar shot you'll see the blue pigment in the mix.  Very cool.
Kraz is a medium bright green shimmer. There are some sparkles in Kraz, but fallout was not as big of an issue as with Mouse King.  Not much of a difference between the dry and wet swatches, nice pigmentation on this one.
Journey was my least favorite of the four, mainly because I'm not sure how I'd use it.  It's a very shimmery light blue green.
Here is a look I did using two color morphers - Tropical and Buttercup.

I got these as part of a 16-piece sample set for $29.  There are several different options for samples sets, and I got the build your own.  For swatches of the other green shadows I got, you can click here.  I also got some orange shadows, which you can see here.  It was lots of fun choosing from all the colors, the sample sized jars contain a generous amount, and is a great way to try different colors before committing to the regular sized shadow!

Disclosure:  I purchased these and have no affiliation with BFTE.  

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