Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Empties! Products I Finished in February

As usual, the majority of products that I hit empty on in February were skin or hair related, although I did manage to get through one deluxe sample of bareMinerals matte foundation. Those that I've done reviews on will be hyperlinked to the review.

Deluxe sample size:

  • Peter Roth Unwrinkle cream:  this is some pricey stuff ($110 full size).  I'm glad I got to try it, but I wouldn't pay that price.
  • Algenist Firming & Lifting cream:  another pricey cream at $94 for full size.  I liked it okay but wouldn't pay that price.
  • Ojon Restorative conditioner:  I enjoy samples of this, but wouldn't purchase on my own as I've got others I like better.
  • Clinique Pore Refining Solutions serum:  couldn't tell it did anything.
  • J.R. Watkins hand cream in Aloe & Green Tea:  a good natural cream for the body.  Inexpensive and worked well.
  • Bare Minerals matte foundation:  Pretty good, but I had to make sure I buffed it out well or it was a bit mask like.  I like getting this as samples but I've got less expensive mineral makeup I like better.
Foil packets:
  • DHC BB cream:  it's expensive at $45 and settled into my pores.  It's a true BB cream, but there are less expensive Asian BB creams out there that I like.
  • DHC Velvet Skin Coat:  probably the first skin primer I ever tried.  It's good, but there are others I like better.
  • DHC Acerola Cream:  love the Acerola line!  I use the Acerola gel moisturizer in the summer.
  • Beneficial Rose Skincare Complete Moisturizing Cream:  this was really nice!  I signed up for their mailing list and will investigate the products, as they seem to have a natural emphasis, are paraben free and created by  L'Occitane.
 Disclaimer:  These were all samples with purchase or purchased by me.

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