Thursday, March 7, 2013

NYX Bellini Kiss Eyeshadow Palette from the Love in Florence Collection

Bellini Kiss is the second of the Love in Florence eyeshadow palettes that I picked up recently.  Like Gelato for Two, it has some nice and not so nice performing shadows.  The shadows are not named individually, so I will show them going clockwise starting with the gold shadow.  All arm swatches are on bare skin, no primer.
The first shadow is a gold micro glitter that was dry, crumbly, and did not seem to bind together.  Consequently, particles would fly all over the place when I tried applying, and it was hard to build up color.  The second is a pale peach shimmer that performed fairly well and made for a nice lid color to build upon. 
The third color is a copper shimmer that was very smooth and pigmented.  Nice.  Next was a dark brown with copper micro glitter.  It wasn't very pigmented and applied rather patchy, but did okay as a liner.  I tend to use shadow over my pencil liners to soften the edges, and this shadow worked fine in that capacity.  Last is a another copper color that swatches darker and more orange than it looks in the palette.  It kicked up a fair amount of powder but still applied well.
It seems like each of the palettes I've tried had 3 pretty good shadows and two that weren't, which when you consider their price of about $8, is not that bad.  I think if I was to purchase any NYX shadows in the future, I'd have to just accept that it was a gamble and that some will work well, and some won't.
Bellini Kiss
Combo of Bellini Kiss with the gray from Gelato for Two
Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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