Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Next Big Thing Eyeshadow Palette from bareMinerals

I think I've already said this a couple of times before, but in case you missed it:  I love the formula of the bareMinerals pressed shadows, which contains antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber, which all help to deliver anti-aging benefits.  When Ulta recently had a 50% off sale (!) of the 4.0 palettes, I picked up three of them.  Today I have The Next Big Thing to show you.
The Next Big Thing was part of the spring Remix collection, and features a shiny aqua case as opposed to the usual matte black.  I had originally passed on this one in favor of The Wild Thing (see review here), which featured greens and aquas.  The Next Big Thing's warm colors naturally appeal to me, but I wasn't sure it was unique enough to my collection to splurge on both.
Rising Star
The colors and finishes are gorgeous though, so I'm glad I was able to get it as well!  Rising Star is an ethereal pale gold.  I love the way this catches the light and enjoy using it as an inner eye or brow highlighter.
Smash Hit
Smash Hit is a soft matte coral.  It applies nicely, can be built up in color, and makes for a lovely tropical eye look.
Hoopla is a metallic brass with an intensely shiny finish.  The pigmentation is fantastic and, in addition to being a great lid color, made for a really pretty eye liner.
Ensemble is an eggplant purple, and looks lighter here than it applies.  It's more of a blackened eggplant when swatched.  It looks a bit patchy in the arm swatch but I did not have issues when applying to my lids.
The colors and finishes of The Next Big Thing work well together - it's a lovely palette!  Here are a few looks I've done with it.
 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. Oh wow, that is so beautiful, Hoopla is sooo nice~

    1. I really cannot emphasize how nice these shadows are - they've become my favorite eyeshadow formula!

  2. Really pretty colors! That coral would be an amazing blush too. I am really drawn to the packaging of this Remix collection. I was actually going to buy the bronzing mineral veil from it, but it was too orange!