Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Estee Lauder LE Color Portfolio Palette: Get It If You Can!

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Estee Lauder has got some serious GWP's going on right now, and I took advantage of one at Bon Ton last week.  What enticed me was the LE Color Portfolio, valued at $275.  A Purchase with Purchase, it was $37.50 with any Estee Lauder purchase.  Since there was also a Gift with Purchase event going on, I figured why not stack deals?
The makeup gods must have been smiling on me, as when I selected my GWP, it added both the bold and subtle choices.  Not sure how to correct that without messing up my order, I left it alone and lo and behold, I was shipped both versions.  So let's look at the Color Portfolio that started this all, because it's gorgeous!
There are 30 eye shadows, and I've been impressed with the ones I've tried in the two days I've had this (namely the greens and purples).  I love the range of colors!
Fifteen lipsticks, and I can honestly see myself wearing all of these.  I'm not usually found of palettes that contain powder and cream products together, but the plastic overlay on each side seems to be doing a good job of keeping things tidy.  The overlays also contain the name of each shade, another plus.
I love Estee Lauder powder blushes, and if you haven't tried them, you're missing out.  They make my skin look better than it actually does.  I already own all of these, but I'm excited to have them all in one place now.  I mixed Sensuous Rose (2nd from top) with Pink Kiss (directly below) for a lovely color yesterday, which you can see in my FOTD photo below.
You also get two glosses and a double sided eye pencil (black/brown).  I feel the need for no other palettes now this holiday season!  The question is, can you find it anywhere now?  Bon Ton appears to have sold out of it, but my source for all things GWP, called GWP Addict, is showing a few retailers still carrying it.  I'd move fast if it appeals to you. 


  1. I really am not a fan of lipstick in pans, I just don't see myself reaching for those.
    The packaging on the outside is beautiful though!!

    1. Yeah, definitely not ideal, as I apply before I leave the house but there is no way to reapply. OTOH, they are a good way to sample and mix colors.