Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Autumn Tag

The Charming Cheshire (aka Cookie) was kind enough to tag me recently on what I love about autumn, and since it's my favorite season, I couldn't pass that up!  If you haven't checked out Cookie's blog, you really should, as she's great at ferreting out sneak peeks of subscription box items as well as posting some lovely makeup reviews :-)

My Favorite Autumn Thing

Old Marine Hospital, currently the Mobile County Health Dept.
Not to make it all about me, but my birthday is in October and I always take that week off from work.  The weather is usually starting to cool down in Mobile by then (if you consider 80's during the day and upper 60's at night a cool down, which I do), so I get to experience that relatively brief period of cool weather with low humidity in all it's glory.  It's the small things, I've come to discover....like opening up all your windows and turning on that attic fan to suck in all the cool air!  The sky is a crisp blue on those lower humidity days, kind of like in the picture above.

Favorite Autumn Drink

Source:  Green Mountain Coffee
I've been drinking lots of Pumpkin Spice coffee by Green Mountain coffee.  My early morning routine in the fall is to open all the windows, turn on the attic fan, brew a cup of coffee, check my email, and read beauty blogs.  Heaven :-)  Oh, and admonish the dogs to not bark in the yard and wake the neighbors.

Favorite Autumn Scent

This year it's been the recent Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween perfume oils, which I showed a few of here.  I wore Samhain in the Pumpkin Patch one day this week, and at the end of the day it smelled like sweet pipe tobacco smoke with a bit of baked brownie chewiness.  I kept huffing my wrist, and it definitely put me in a good mood.

Favorite Autumn Lipstick/Gloss

Raspberry Ablaze
I've really been enjoying this limited edition lip gloss from Maybelline called Raspberry Ablaze.  It's nicely pigmented, glossy and lightweight - all good stuff.  Review coming soon.

Go To Autumn Moisturizer

Not much change for me with facial moisturizers until it gets much colder, but I do find myself starting to need a foot moisturizer more this time of year!  My favorite is Nordic Foot Care Cream (see review here), which is both reasonably priced and effective.  Something about needing to wear socks to keep my feet warm and this foot cream go hand and hand.

Favorite Go-To Color for the Eyes

Ladybird palette by Kat Von D
This autumn, it's been Kat Von D's Ladybird palette.  It came out earlier this year, but this is such an autumn hued palette that I passed it over until the weather got cooler.  Needless to say, I need to swatch Ladybird and get a review up, as I'm smitten with these matte shadows I've been wearing for about a month now.

Favorite Autumn Music I'm Listening To

For the past two weeks it's been an oldy but a goody:  Madman Across the Water (1971) by Elton John.  I realize this came out before most of you were born, but it's got the classic "Tiny Dancer" that many will be familiar with, if only from the movie "Almost Famous".  I've really been enjoying the poignant "Indian Sunset", and it's hard to beat Elton John and Bernie Taupin as a songwriting team.  Elton was one of my first big arena concerts at age 12 or 13. 

Favorite Autumn Outfit to Wear

Source:  stevemadden.com
It hasn't gotten cold enough yet, but it's boots with anything.  Boots, boots, and more boots.  I've worn holes in the soles of my favorite western boots, on the look for another pair.  I like 'em plain and low heeled, and those are not easy to find. 

Favorite Autumn Treat

Pressure cooked pinto beans in Tex-Mex broth (source:dadscookdinner.com)
A big pot of pinto beans with ham.  It's one of my childhood favorites and back then my mother used a pressure cooker to make them.  That thing was a bit scary, the way it would make noises.  I really expected it to explode at any time - but it never did.  This Tex-Mex version looks interesting.

Favorite Place to Be During Autumn

My dream backyard setup (source: 4LifeHome.com)
Sitting in my back yard.  If there's been a good cold snap at some point, it cuts down on the mosquitoes so that I can sit outside for a while without getting eaten up.  The dogs will be rolling around in the grass, I'll be reading a book, and sipping on my Pumpkin Spice coffee, or a glass of wine :-)

So, those are a few of my favorite autumn things and I'd like to thank Cookie for tagging me.  Now, I'm tagging the following on their favorite autumn things!
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  1. I love boots, I think they are the most fashionable shoe wear!!

  2. That perfume oil sounds awesome. I'd love to see the review of Kat's eyeshadows. I have 1 of her older kits.

    1. Ladybird is my first Kat von D palette, and I'm impressed! I'll get a review up soon.

  3. This is a great list! The boots--I die!! :)

    Thanks for the tag! I'm already working on a post. :D