Thursday, July 31, 2014

Juliette Has a Gun Bullet Purse Spray and Samples

Disclaimer:  I won this in a contest.
I came home last week to an unexpected package, which turned out to contain all you see above.  I had won a contest sponsored by Beauty Undercover and Juliette Has a Gun!  I love those kind of surprises :-)
I was vaguely familiar with Juliette Has a Gun, at least enough to know their focus is perfume.  What I did not know is that it's a Paris based fragrance house that was established by Romano Ricci, the great-grandson of famed fashion couturier Nina Ricci and grandson of Robert Ricci, the progenitors of  L'Air du Temps.  Ah, the family tradition continues.
With more of an edge, however, as befits the era.  Juliette refers to Shakespeare's Juliette, but she's got a gun now.  Is she pissed, or just packing to send a message to those that might mess with her?
"This is William Shakespeare's Juliette with a ying of innocence and a yang of getting even with anyone who double crosses her, the modern woman. Only this time she is armed! The bullets are rose-filled, each scent a scenario playing around a different rose specie, a fragrant Shakespearian saga."  (Source:  Basenotes.net
The bullet shaped Universal Purse Spray atomizer ($35) definitely makes a statement.  It has a nice heft to it and is easy to refill, I'm quite tickled with this.  I've currently got it filled with a sample of Romantina, whose notes are listed as musk, orange blossom, and vanilla from Madagascar, in addition to rose, of course.  It's actually quite light and dissipates rather quickly on my skin, but lingers nicely on my clothes.  I like it!
Each sample came packaged in an envelope, sealed with the name of the perfume and with a description card inside.  The French are masters at presentation.  I'll never forget the care with which a simple pastry was wrapped, bow on a box, when I was in Paris years ago.  Just lovely.
The English translation (and spelling) are a bit off at times, which just goes to show you can't be perfect at everything :-)  I received Not a Perfume in the Recharge Bullet refillable size ($50), so between that and the 5 samples of Romantica, Mad Madame, Miss Charming, Lady Vengeance, and Anyway, I'll get a nice feel for the Juliette Has a Gun line.  Très nice.  Also, don't forget to enter the Clinique GWP set giveaway!


  1. Hi, love these pictures, can't wait to get this. could you tell me how tall it is? thanks for an awesome witty review.

    1. I'd say it's about 3 inches tall. It has a nice heft to it, but it's definitely a travel size.

    2. Thanks so much for letting me know Lulubelle! I truly appreciate it.