Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Posie Balm by Benefit

You know how sometimes you have low expectations for a makeup item and have no plans to buy it?  That's how I felt when I saw swatches of Benefit's sheer lip balms.  I have zero need for any more lip balms, as I'm currently swimming in them.
But then, I received a sample of Posie Balm in my July Birchbox.  I've got to admit, I really like it!  Yes it's sheer, but I like how glossy it is, how it moisturizes my lips, and how nicely it wears for several hours on my lips.  I've actually considered buying one once my sample is used up, which should be soon.
Over bare lips
Over Sweet Apollonia cheek & lip tint
The $18 is a bit steep for a sheer lip balm, however, so I may wait for my Birchbox points to build back up and get one that way.

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