Monday, August 18, 2014

Wanderlust Baked Blush by NYX: Swatches and Comparison to Chiffon

Wanderlust is the second of the two baked blushes that I recently picked up from NYX.  A soft apricot, Wanderlust is slightly less shimmery than Chiffon (review here), although there is still a lovely luminosity.
There is a tough outer layer to these baked blushes that needs to be broken through before the color starts flowing, or otherwise you might think that they are lacking in pigment.  Once the shell is broken, it's easy to build color, although I doubt you'll ever be in danger of clown cheeks with these.
I bought these online and when I received Wanderlust and Chiffon, they looked fairly close in color.  Both are lighter shades, but Chiffon leans more shimmery mauve/pink and Wanderlust more satin peach/apricot. 
Chiffon (top) Wanderlust (bottom)
At $7 each, I like these as a viable alternative to Laura Geller's baked blushes.  I find that baked products in general wear a little less well than other powder formulas, and I can get about 7 hours of wear before I see fading with these.

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