Friday, December 11, 2015

All Night Long and All Done Up: Julep December Maven Box

All Done Up
I'm still on the $19.99 Julep subscription plan, which means I don't have the ability to customize my box as much as those who opted for the $24.99 plan.  In general I don't mind, although occasionally I waver regarding which box to select.  This month I opted for the "All Done Up" box, which featured new makeup as opposed to nail polish. The overall theme for December is "All Night Long", a la Lionel Ritchie.  Yep, there were a few snippets of the lyrics on an enclosed card.
The featured makeup item this month is a new matte lip mousse, and I was able to chose the color I wanted.  I went back and forth before deciding on the fuschia pink hued Pucker Up ($20), which is described as a "Violet Verve" on Julep's site.  I'm wondering if it darkens on the lips, as the Julep site pictures make it look darker.  Regardless, I think I made a good choice, and I'm super impressed with the container.  It has nice heft and feels and looks like a high end product.  The cap clicks shut, another nice detail.  Now, I just need to try it out:-)
Pucker Up
There were 4 new shades of the Multidimensional Orbital eyeshadow, but they are all new to me as I skipped these when they first came out.  I chose the pale gold Luna ($18), thinking it was be a nice eye brightener/inner eye highlighter.  After swatching it I'm also wondering how Luna would look as a cheek/face highlighter.  We shall see.
Last, but not least is a new Gel Eye Glider called Smoky Taupe Shimmer ($16).  Julep has really nice gel pencils - as good as any I've tried.  And I've got quite the eye pencil stash.

Here are swatches of all three products, and I think the colors really work well together.  I'll be playing with these pronto.
Using my points, I chose one add on this month, a box of the One-Step Polish Remover pads ($8).  That brought the total value of my box to $62, and considering I only paid $20, quite the value. There was also a cinnamon candy stick in the box, which you'll never hear me saying no to.  I see I had a smudge of Pucker Up on my fingers which transferred to the box top.  Side note:  Pucker Up smudges out beautifully, which has got me thinking it could be a nice cheek tint....
Lastly, my apologies for the pictures only post up earlier.  I've been swamped at work (end of semester stuff plus wrapping things up before my 2 week (!!!) Christmas break, and thought I'd have time to write up the post last night.  But I forgot, including that I'd already scheduled the post. Whoops. 

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