Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Of: Nail Polishes I Enjoyed the Most in 2015

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Here are my favorite polishes worn in 2015.  Sadly, one of the brands (Rescue Beauty Lounge) decided to close up shop.  The others should still be available and links are to full reviews.
Galaxy Glue by Rescue Beauty Lounge (no longer available):  Love the glowing quality of this aquatic green.
Cake Pop by Orly ($8.50):  I was surprised by this one, as I was not expecting to like a white pink creme on me. But I really, really do.
Nude Parisienne by Alessandro International (9.50):  This milky mink may have been my favorite of the year.  No surprise it's a brown polish, as they can make me weak in the knees.
OPI Designer Series Classic ($12.50):  An easy breezy formula for a no muss clean look with oomph.  Love it.
Morning Light by Rescue Beauty Lounge (no longer available):  I love both pale blue and pale grey polishes, and this one combines the best of both.  Just lovely.

What were your favorite polishes in 2015?

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