Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Clean Face Oil Control Essence by The Face Shop

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
The Face Shop's Oil Control Essence was part of Memebox's Korean Beauty Starter Set for Oily/Combination Skin that I purchased back in August.  I've been using it since then and thought it was time to post a review with my impressions.
I'll start with a description of my skin:  oily, congested, aging and with occasional breakouts.  I've been an oil slick ever since puberty, to the point where I would wash my face as soon as I got home from school and reapply my makeup before I went to my after school job.  My skin is not quite that oily now but I'd still describe it as oily.  I've tried a plethora of products described as being able to control or cut down on oil production and have been disappointed with most.
I keep trying though, and Clean Face Oil Control Essence has not left me completely disappointed.  I realize that's not a glowing endorsement, but hear me out, because I'm really enjoying it as a daytime essence under my makeup.  It's actually a really nice primer for oily skin!
No doubt that's at least partially due to cyclomethicone being the second ingredient on the list, which acts as a conditioning and carrying agent as well as a humectant.  Cyclomethicone also gives the skin a silky feel and can fill in wrinkles, giving the skin a more plump appearance.  It does not feel like other silicone based primers I've tried (in a positive way), and in general I'm liking the ingredient list.  My skin seems to like it as well, as I've had no unusual breakouts since incorporating this into my routine.
Overall, I'd say I like this enough that I'm two thirds of the way through my bottle, which is pretty good for a fickle skincare product user like me.  Is my skin less oily as a result?  I think so, although it's not a dramatic transformation. Every little bit helps, though.  It doesn't look like Memebox carries this in their regular lineup of products, but you can get it on Amazon for under $12.  There's that as well :-)

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