Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Loving Your Unloved v. 5: EmphasEYES Cream Shadows by Tarte

Here is something I don't understand:  why do cosmetic companies discontinue good products?  Because the emphasEYES cream shadows by Tarte were really good.
I was able to accumulate five of them a few years back, and sadly they are starting to get hard and dry.  I was still able to create a couple of really pretty eye looks with them, but it took a stiff brush and some digging into the pots, so these lovelies are gasping their last breath, sadly, and will be tossed after this series.
My favorites were Champagne Pink, Shimmering Taupe, and Shimmering Golden Beige.  Plum Smoke saw the least amount of love from me, but I'm just not a purple shadow wearer in general.  I try every once and a while, though.
Shimmering Taupe
 Champagne Pink made for an effortless nude eye look.
Pink Champagne (flash)

Champagne Pink + Plum Smoke
Rest in peace, EmphasEYES cream shadows.  I probably should have loved you more, but you will be missed.

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