Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winter FabFitFun Box

I've been remiss is posting about my last two FabFitFun boxes, although I enjoyed quite a few items in both of them.  The winter box looks like it has a nice mixture of treats, so let's take a look!

I signed up for a year's subscription, which gives me the ability to customize my box on some items.  For the winter box, those items were the fingerless gloves (black or gray), the Frends earbuds (Black & Gold, Black & Rose Gold or White & Silver), and the reed diffuser (Cinnamon, Pomegranate, Sugar Cookie or Lavender).
EJH Brand Diffuser in Pomegranate ($37)
The pomegranate has a clear bright scent that is good for small spaces like my bathroom.  I've never really been a fan of reed diffusers as I find them hard to detect in larger rooms, but maybe I'm expecting more than I should.  As a subscription box item - this is quite nice.
Fingerless Gloves by Whitney eve x FabFitFun ($28)
I second guessed myself once I received the black gloves as they tend to show every speck of lint, but these are soft and comfortable.  Plus they work really well when I'm walking the dogs and needs to detangle leashes.  So, I'm happy.
Frends Earbuds ($80)
I don't know if I have small ears or what, but these are a bit uncomfortable for me.  Sound quality is good, however, and I'll use them.  Are they $80 good?  I should probably compare them with my Ipod earbuds as a comparison, as I'm not really sure.
Candlenut Body Creme by Juara ($35)
I was probably most excited to see the Juara Candlenut Body Creme because I love this stuff (you can see a full review here).  If I was a good daughter I'd give it to my mom for Christmas, but I'm keeping it for myself even though I already have one.  Yep.
I've been on more of a skincare than cosmetics kick lately, so this Dermalogica trio ($45) is another welcome item, although I've got a cue of new skincare items waiting to be used.  Trying to remember if I've used Dermalogica products before, and I'm coming up blank.
As soon as I saw Zoya's Blair ($9) in the box, I though "that's what I'm wearing Christmas day".  So, expect to see more of it soon.
Every time I see these I think "man down".  The Wine Stomper and Charms Set by FabFitFun ($15) is cute, and I'll definitely use the wine stopper, although the charms will probably get tossed.
$40 gift card
Per usual, there where several gift cards in the box (Shoptiques $25, Sweet & Spark $40), which I'm really bad about using even when they are true gift cards as opposed to discount codes.  Hopefully I'll remember this time before they expire.  On the other hand, I'm decluttering my house so buying new stuff seems counterproductive, especially considering they are not items that I need.  So, there ya go - I can forget about them and not feel guilty :-)

The value of the winter FabFitFun box was a whooping $314, which is fantastic for a $49.99 box.  I believe I have one more box coming my way, and then I'll have to evaluate if I want to renew this subscription.  Overall it's been very good, but like I said, I'm decluttering....

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