Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Countdown to Gorgeous Day 6: Allspice and FOTD

Disclaimer: I purchased this. Links are to previous reviews.
I overslept this morning and was consequently rushed trying to make it to my first meeting of the day. Don't you hate that? My whole morning routine (which usually begins with drinking coffee in bed, checking email, and snuggling with the dogs) was consequently thrown off.  So, today's message of "Be cozy" was a bit lost on me, especially when I was outside trying to wrangle my errant dogs from barking at the neighbors boys, who were shooting hoops at 7:25 am.
Behind the "Be cozy" door is the loose eye shadow "Allspice", which is a shimmery copper brown. I was able to throw together an easy eye look using Allspice over the lid up to the crease, where I then applied Kat Von D's Oak and Fringe from the MetalMatte palette in the crease.
Champagne Pop rounded out the trifecta by providing some inner eye shimmer. I tight lined my eyes with Julep's Blackest Black. It came out a bit grungey because I was rushed, but let's say it was deliberate.
Foundation is the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, which I am really growing to like. I set it with the Tinted Mineral Veil, and I noticed last night that it was still largely intact after a 9 hour day. Blush is the bareMinerals Natural Passion with a light dusting of Tropical Sunset on top. I filled in my brows with Inika's Blonde brow pencil, which I have on my Project Pan list and am trying to finish off. I'm wearing a very light application of nyx's Ibiza on my lips.
I had no time to force my bed head into submission beyond wetting the back and slapping on a barrette. Figures that today was back to back meetings whereas some days I sit in my office and see practically no one.
I'm off to pick up my car! Here's hoping they properly diagnosed the EPC light problem (crankshaft), as it was not giving them any codes to go by. 

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