Monday, December 5, 2016

Countdown to Gorgeous Days 4 and 5: Mineral Veil and Lash Domination with FOTD's

Disclaimer: I purchased this. All links are to past reviews.
I'm enjoying the little sayings on each of the doors to the Countdown to Gorgeous advent calendar by bareMinerals. Nothing wrong with starting off each day with a simple positive affirmation plus a makeup treat!
Day 4's offering is the Tinted Mineral Veil. I just finished one of these, although the one I had was lighter in color, so was probable the original or hydrating version. The Tinted Mineral Veil is supposed to add a subtle hint of color, and I do think it warms my skin up a bit. I emptied more than I was intending on the palette below.
Tinted Veil on left
I don't always wear makeup on the weekends, but I had the heating/cooling technician scheduled to come by on Sunday plus needed to make a run to Costco, so I decided some effort was in order. I went for a natural/neutral look using the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation in Neutral 30 with the Tinted Mineral Veil as my setting powder.
For eyes I used the Color Tattoo Creamy Beige underneath ColourPop's Smash, with BECCA's Champagne Pop for the middle of the lid shimmer/inner eye highlighter. I've been tightlining with Lancome's Black Coffee Le Crayon Khol Smoky Eyeliner.
Rose Spritz Luminous Blush
For blush I used the bareMineral's Natural Passion cream blush (I've hit major pan!), with a light dusting of Rose Spritz Luminous Blush from the BECCA + Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Palette.
On my lips is Nude Passion from Day 3 of Countdown to Gorgeous. It was like pea soup outside and my camera kept fogging up, but I managed to get one decent picture. My heater is also now working - apparently it needed configuring/some type of code from the technician. My car is still in the shop, so one down and one to go.
Behind Day 5's door is a mini-sized Lash Domination mascara. I remember trying this a while back and not being overly impressed, but sometimes second impressions are different.
I remembered the wand being a little bit scary with all its spikes, which do a decent job of separating and combing through lashes. Since I used Estee Lauder's Little Brick Primer prior to applying the mascara, the spikes tended to grab a bit more, but nothing too bad.  I'm just "eh" about Lash Domination, although I will continue to use up this sample.
Day 5's makeup featured the It Cosmetic's CC+ Cream as my foundation, topped with the Tinted Mineral Veil.  For eyes I used Color Tattoo's Nude Compliment as a base shade and Kat Von D's dark brown Oak and tan Suede from the MetalMatte palette in the crease/outer V.
Buxom's Mink Magnet provides the shimmer in the middle of the lid, with a Le Metier de Beaute cream shimmer shadow as my inner eye highlight. Lancome's Black Coffee has been my liner of choice for the last few weeks. I like how this turned out.
Blush is Natural Passion again, this time lightly dusted with Laura Geller's matte Bosenberry. Now that I've hit pan on Natural Passion, it makes me want to use it all up!
I've got Nude Passion on my lips with Trail Blazer in the middle for a pop of shine/shimmer. I really like both of these for a peachy nude lip.

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