Saturday, December 3, 2016

Countdown to Gorgeous Day 3: Nude Passion

One of the reasons the Countdown to Gorgeous advent calendar interested me was because of the Pop of Passion Lip-Oil Balms. I'd previously received a deluxe sample of Plumberry and really liked it, so was interested in collecting a few more. Color me happy that Day 3 delivered for me.
Nude Passion is the lightest of the eight shades and gives a barely there wash of peachy tan. There is a fair amount of product in the deluxe sized samples, and I think Nude Passion will get plenty of use in the coming colder days.
My lips need constant balm or they are uncomfortable as hell, and the Pop of Passion balms contain jojoba, sunflower, and passion fruit seed oils to help keep them hydrated and soft.
Since this is not a high impact color and it was getting too dark for me to take pictures of my FOTD outside, I'll show you the eyeshadows I decided to wear with the lip balm. All links are to previous reviews.
I used the Color Tattoo in Caramel Cool as my base, with bareMinerals Mai Tai (top right) in the inner corner and BFTE's Woozer (bottom) on the rest of the lid up to the crease.
Some mattes were in order to define the crease and outer V, so I used Kat Von D's MetalMatte palette. I haven't reviewed MetalMatte yet and it looks to be out of stock now, but suffice it to say I love it. I combined the peachy Fringe and the dark brown Oak in the outer V/crease, and then used the deep gold Flash to brighten the middle of my lid.
The Heating/Cooling repair guy is coming out tomorrow (Sunday!) to trouble shoot my furnace, so hopefully I've have heat before we hit freezing temps on Friday. I made an appointment to service my car on Monday and apparently none to soon, as my EPC light came on this afternoon. When it rains, it pours. It does help to have little treats like this to look forward to.

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