Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rose Gold Goddess Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow by Laura Geller

Rose Gold is one of those colors that looks good any time of the year, although spring and fall seem especially appropriate seasons for it.  I picked up Rose Gold Goddess ($19) with my Birchbox dollars and an anniversary discount, and it has proven to be good choice!
First of all, the "Cool Lids" name is appropo, as my lids do indeed feel cool for a brief minute after applying.  I'm guessing that's a result of the water based formula, evaporation perhaps?  The formula is more liquid so the tube packaging works well.  Only a small amount of the cream is needed for full, opaque coverage, and I usually start out with a pin head size amount, adding more if needed.
The finish is metallic or a "shimmering wet-look", which I was afraid would translate as frosty, but it's working for me both on it's own or as a base shadow.  I have no issues with patchiness and the wear time is a solid 8 hours over primer, so Rose Gold Goddess is a winner for me! 
Available in six ocean-inspired hues, I'm now curious about one called Opal Oyster, and they are all currently 20% off at Laura Geller's site.  Hmmm.....

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