Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tenné Creme Fresh Tint by Le Métier de Beauté

I actually acquired the Tenné Creme Blush by Le Métier de Beauté (LMdB) last winter and somehow never got around to reviewing it.  Time to rectify that.
Every time I use Tenné I'm struck by two things:  LMdB has a great cream blush formula and Tenné is a wonderful neutral color.  I was skeptical when I first tried it, as it's a thicker cream I assumed would clash with my oily skin.  Not so, as this blends seamlessly into the skin and imparts a soft glow.  Truly lovely!
Taken last Nov. when my hair was longer.
I use Tenné when I want some neutral color but nothing that will compete with my eye or lip look.  It's a soft peachy mauve that I think would work equally well for cool or warmer skin tones, although probably will not show up well on darker complexions. 
The Creme Fresh Tints are reasonably priced (for LMdB products) at $28 each, and I'm hoping to acquire a few more at some point. 

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