Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush by Hourglass

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I think the Ambient Lighting blushes ($35) are something you either get, or you don't.  Or more likely, it's a matter of personal preference/skin chemistry/complexion color/yada yada yada.  Personally, I love them, which is way I picked up my third one in the form of Mood Exposure.  Approximately 2 weeks or so before Hourglass released their Ambient Lighting Blush palette, which also contains Mood Exposure plus two other colors.  Palms face.
Yeah, I ended up getting the blush palette too, I like them that much.  But that's okay, as each blush is slightly different depending on the ratio of the soft plum blush to the Mood Light powder combined with it.  The full sized compact I received has more of the plum blush, whereas the smaller Mood Exposure in the blush palette has more of the Mood Light powder.  It did make a slight difference in the color intensity between the two.
Mood Exposure is described as a soft plum, but it leans distinctly warmer in tone to me.  Perhaps if you combined the orange pulp of a plum with the skin, that would capture the color better :-)  Regardless, I've been reaching for this blush a lot, as the skin enhancing soft glow and excellent wear on my oily skin continues to impress me.
In fact, the Ambient Lighting Blushes have joined Estee Lauder Pure Color blushes as my favorites.  I hope they release more colors!

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