Monday, November 17, 2014

Pür Minerals Soul Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I love a good matte shadow, but finding those that perform well is not always easy.  When I saw the Soul Mattes palette ($32) with it's emphasis on pink/rosy shades, I thought it looked like a nice addition to round out my matte collection.  Soul Mattes  is my first venture into Pür Minerals territory, and it turns out to have been a very good buy!
Everything about this palette is quality, from the outer envelope packaging, to the metal container, to the brush, to the shadows themselves.  The 8 shadow companions (their phrasing, not mine) in this cruelty-free palette are:
  • Sweetheart (pale pink)
  • Companion (vanilla)
  • Adore (puce)
  • Better Half (raspberry)
  • Alter Ego (plum)
  • Sidekick (mocha)
  • BFF (cinnamon)
  • Confidant (tea rose)
My favorite way to wear matte shadows is over a cream shadow base, usually one with some shimmer to it.  The matte shadows tone down the shimmer, but the cream base keeps the matte shadows from looking flat.  I also love matte shadows for transitioning color in the crease.  The paler shades in this palette worked well as brow shades or to minimize discolorations and brighten my eye area.
These shadows are talc free, which I think helps cut down on the chalky/powdery effect that many matte shadows have.  Worn over primer, I got a good 7-8 hours of wear on my oily lids before I noticed fading/creasing.  Overall, I'm quite impressed with this palette!

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