Thursday, February 4, 2016

Amber Monochromatic FOTD Featuring Clinique and Makeup Geek

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
There are certain colors I gravitate towards on a regular basis (hello amber), and occasionally it's nice to do a monochromatic makeup look using variations on one color. Today I'm going to show you a look featuring various products from Clinique, Makeup Geek, Revlon and Estee Lauder.
Clinique Ample Amber shadow stick
Amber shades work particularly well with both my eye color and fair complexion.  Amber is between orange and yellow on the color wheel, and since blue and orange are opposite blue on the color wheel, they are complementary. Clinique's Ample Amber Shadow Stick makes for a super easy wash of color over the id and lower lash line.
The eye liner is Urban Decay's discontinued Lucky (full review here), a gorgeous copper in a blackened base.  So glad I got my hands on one before they disappeared.
For my blush, I combined Makeup Geek's Infatuation with Secret Admirer.  I used the warm terracotta of Infatuation over the entire cheek area and then popped the uber cool-toned Secret Admirer on the center of my cheeks for a bit of pink glow.
Secret Admirer
On my lips I combined the soft reddish brown of Revlon's Brown Sugar Lip Butter with Estee Lauder's Wired Copper lip gloss.  Estee Lauder has some seriously nice glosses, by the way. Love the shimmer in Wired Copper.
Brown Sugar
Bottom:  Wired Copper
Brown Sugar + Wired Copper
So there you go - a warm monochromatic look that works equally well for me in all seasons!  Also, Lily Raisin wanted to say hello with her pink bunny ears :-)

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