Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lilac Lust 24/7 Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon by Maybelline

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Lilac Lust is one of the two new purple hued Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayons by Maybelline, with Lavish Lavender being the second. Looking at online swatches prior to purchasing, one of them looked slightly warmer in tone and was the one I wanted, but I somehow picked the cooler toned Lilac Lust instead. Oh well, stuff happens. It's still pretty.
The formula of the pencils feels thinner than the pot Color Tattoos, but they are easy to apply color and smudge out. Lilac Lust looks a bit uneven to me but nothing to the point that it was problematic.
I like these for an easy one and done eye look, which is all I have the time for (or energy) on some mornings. Over primer I get a good 8 hours of wear and find them to be fairly smudge proof.
It seems like eye pencil formulas have just been getting better and better, and I'm thrilled to see drugstore versions right there in the midst when it comes to quality. At about $7, I'm liking these quite a bit!


  1. Oh, those eye crayons seem very convenient to use. Also, the lilac shade looks absolutely beautiful on you 😊