Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Julep's May Bombshell Maven Box

Julep's May collection of polishes was called "Fresh Twist", and Bombshell's box appealed to me the most.  This month also saw the release of Julep's innovative Plie wand, a first of it's kind. 
Saaya and Laree
Saaya is a golden apricot shimmer and Laree is a golden pink shimmer.  Both were a bit thick, although Laree noticebly more so to the point that it was difficult to work with.  Polish thinner definitely needed on that one. 
Saaya and Karen
Saaya is quite close in color but not a total dupe to Julep's Karen, which has more beige in it along with a more diversely colored shimmer. 
So what is this Plie wand, you ask?  Well, it's a tool designed to make it easier to polish your nails, especially when it comes to your non-dominant hand and toes.  I personally found it unwieldy to use on my hands, as I like to put the brush back in the bottle to do clean-up as a I go along, which is impossible with Julep's tall, thin bottles.  Consequently, I actually ended up making more mistakes than I would have otherwise, trying to figure it all out.  For my toes, however, I really liked it!
It's bendable, which is a nice feature, and I did find it easier to use with the Creativity Kit.  The Creativity Kit is a dotting and striping tool that attaches to the Plie wand via the magnet in the base of the caps, and was available as an add-on for Maven subscribers.  For existing Julep polishes, there is another cap that fits over the smaller inside cap underneath the removable square tops.  I'm sure this makes no sense at all, but suffice it to say, it works.
So, the Plie wand is not a complete hit with me, but neither is it a total miss.  I give Julep props for being innovative and trying something new :-)  I've been wearing the polishes for the past 6 days and have some minor chipping on two nails that are flaking a bit, but overall I'd say good wear and performance.  I'm happy with this month's box!

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