Monday, May 26, 2014

Swan Lake Water Canvas Blush by Vincent Longo

Disclaimer:  I won this.
A few months back I was fortunate enough to win two Vincent Longo products in a giveaway hosted by Amber of DayDreaming Beauty.  Having never tried anything from Vincent Longo, I was quite excited to try these out, and I've got to say I haven't been disappointed!
I chose Swan Lake, a neutral medium pink, as my blush color.  It gives a soft, realistic flush that is great for anytime wear.  What's really interesting, however, is the formula of this cream to powder blush.  Containing 75% Microwater, a 100% natural botanical seaweed polymer, along with vitamin E, silica and long-wearing pigment, it feels cool when you apply it.  Not cool like "that's cool, man" (although it is), but cool as in temperature wise.  It's also housed in a airtight container to prevent evaporation.
Swan Lake
It blends easily and I apply with my fingers first and then blend out with a brush.  Color can be built up to an extent, but this is a soft color that would be hard to overdo.  There is a very faint silver shimmer in the mix that is quite fetching.
The $44 price tag on these may deter some, but it is a lovely blush formula.  I'm so glad I got to try it out, thanks Amber and Vincent Longo!