Friday, May 9, 2014

NOTD: Saaya and Laree by Julep

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Saaya and Laree were part of the May Bombshell Maven box, along with the Plie Wand that I will be showing you next week.  I added on the Creativity Kit which attaches to the Plie Wand and attempted a bit of nail art.  I'll let you decide how successful I was.
Saaya is a lovely canteloupe with a soft gold shimmer.  The formula was on the thick side, but fortunately was relatively easy to work with in that it didn't streak and was self leveling.  I like how it has a glowing quality to it!
Creativity Kit
Wanting to integrate Laree somehow, I used the striping and dotting tools to draw lines of varying length that end in a dot.  Laree was even thicker than Saaya, which made it difficult to work with.  It was goopy and did not want to lay down lines easily.  I see some polish thinner it Laree's future, as I do like the color and would like to wear it again at some point.
My photo assistant Lily wanted to let you know it's starting to get a bit hot here, although we're not complaining.  We will take it over cold or torrential rain any day :-)
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  1. What a cool design!! Great way to use the striper and dotter in the same look!

    aka Bailey

  2. Cute design! I should be getting my Maven box either today or tomorrow (Canadian shipping takes forever). I'm not sold on the wand, but am still interested in giving it a go. And I love how you used Lily's arm in the last picture! Haha! She's such a cutie!

    1. I found the Plie wand useful for doing my toes, not so much for my hands. I need to be able to put the brush in the bottle to do clean up as I go along, and that's pretty much impossible with the Plie wand attached.