Thursday, November 5, 2015

Julep November Boho Glam Maven Box: The Switch Up Collection

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
November's Maven collection from Julep features several new and noteworthy items:  a new polish finish called "matte metallic" and a new skin serum that I was uber interested in trying.  I also added on one of the new cream to powder shadow sticks that were featured last month, so let's take a look!
I'm still on the original Julep Maven subscription plan which is $19.99 and does not allow the customization that the $24.99 plan does.  So, what you see above is the Boho Glam box configuration, which included a bonus polish named Melody shown in the middle.  To get the bonus "shake it up" glitter topper, you had to respond to an email that Julep sent out, and if you didn't I'm assuming you missed out on Melody.
Kerry is a matte metallic warm gold which I think will look good with my skin tone.  I'm hoping it's not too streaky, but we shall see.  Suzanne is a scarlet red with gold shimmer which seems perfect for the upcoming holiday season.
Julep's new facial milk serum What Your Skin Needs ($28) is probably the item I was most excited about. I had actually read about it here during a bout of insomnia before knowing it was going to be in this month's box, and was intrigued by this innovative product.
I love using facial oils but only at night due to them being too heavy/shiny for day time use.  This facial milk serum contains 5 power house oils that are great for skin, but in a formulation that contains no fillers or chemical emulsifiers, sinks into skin quite easily, and does not make your face shiny or oily feeling.  Sign this oily skinned girl up! Obviously I need to wear it for a while to see if it lives up to it's claims, but it looks very promising and I'll report back in a few weeks.
I added on the new cream to powder Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer ($18), which was the new product featured in last month's box which I skipped. I was curious to see if the formula is similar to other eye pencils from Laura Mercier and Mally (there are other brands, but I own these two). Based on an initial swatch, I think yes, but I need to wear it before I'll know for sure. I've got to say Julep is releasing some really nice products these days!
I did receive an email from Julep letting me know that the eye pencils have had an issue with the bullets becoming loose during shipping and consequently falling out of the applicator, and I did see several mentions of that issue from people who received the eye pencils last month.  Julep is working on fixing that issue for future production runs, and the pencils are currently listed as out of stock.
For the first time in what seems like forever (perhaps it is the first time ever, I can't remember), I also bought several items from the Secret Store.  There was a set that included the What Your Skin Needs facial milk with the Love Your Skin cleansing oil and a konjac sponge, so my mom will be getting the facial milk serum for Christmas and I'm keeping the cleansing oil/konjac sponge.  Win/win.
I also got two polishes from last months New York Never Sleeps collection that I'd had my eye on: Jocelyn (cranberry shimmer with holographic microglitter) and Paulina (peacock duochrome teal/purple).  I used a code to pick up Ada (rhubarb jelly with white glitter) for free.  All three are gorgeous.
I think this is my favorite box from Julep this year!

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