Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sweet Spice 5-in-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow by bareMinerals

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I've mentioned my extreme fondness for bareMinerals's 5-in-1 BB cream eyeshadows ($18) before here and here, and the romance continues.  I've added a few more to my collection, and since today is Thanksgiving I'm showing the appropriately named Sweet Spice, a light cocoa tan.
If you are not familiar with these cream eyeshadows, they have several selling points for me:
  • SPF 15 - how many eye products have SPF?  I wish more did, as I've got one freckle each on my lids, no doubt from sun exposure.
  • A lovely texture that spreads easily and minimizes texture on my increasingly crepey lids.
  • Long-lasting formula, although my uber oily lids still need a primer underneath.  If your lids are not oil slicks like mine, you probably won't.
  • Nine different neutral tones that work well as shadow bases or on their own, particularly if you like natural looking eyes.
Seriously, there is nothing that I do not like about these babies.  Sweet Spice is one of the darker colors (which is relative, as these are not intense colors to begin with).  It is several shades darker than my skin tone so shows up well on it's own for a one and done type of look, or as a base shadow for more complex looks.

I also really like that these are in tubes as I'm hoping they will last longer than pot cream shadows do.  The doe foot makes it easy to apply and then I use my finger to blend.  There are no harsh edges in sight, just smooth and flattering satin/matte color.  These are not flat at all, as there is a very subtle shimmer in the mix.
I hope those that celebrate Thanksgiving are having a lovely day!  My Thanksgiving meal continues my families' recent trend of non-traditional dishes for this holiday, with Chiles Rellenos on the menu.  I did get a request for my red beans and rice as well, so I guess it's a mashup of Mexican/Cajun this year.  So, adios and soignez vous-autres!

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