Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box: The Gift of Gratitude

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I recently subscribed to a new subscription box, the Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box ($24.99/mo).  Each month I'll be receiving 2 yoga inspired jewelry pieces as well a one chocolate treat. November's theme is "The Gift of Gratitude":
Inside the box were a lovely moonstone and rosewood bracelet and mala.  I'll be honest and say I had no idea was a mala was, but now that I do (thank goodness for the Internet), I like it even more.
So what are mala beads?
Buddhist mala beads are a centuries old tool, designed to keep the mind focused on the practice of prayer and meditation. The symbol of the never ending cycle, each bead in the Mala counts a Sanskrit prayer, or mantra in sets of 108 repetitions. 
Combining tactile and conscious awareness, the beads are moved sequentially in rhythm with breathing. Each mantra centers and stills the mind, allowing the focus to be on the meaning of the mantra, rather than counting the repetitions. Each time the mantra is repeated, the fingers move to the next bead. When using a Mala repeatedly, it is believed to take on the energy of the mantra that is being recited. (chopa.com
I'll also be honest and say I wasn't a fan of the tassel, so I cut it off.  I hope I haven't already damaged my karma, but so be it.  I did see pictures of malas online that do not have a tassel, so I think I'm okay:-)  Both the necklace and bracelet appear very well made/sturdy, and all pieces are
  • Fairtrade
  • Sustainably Harvested
  • Nickle-free, Lead-free and Cadmium-free
  • Made in Bali, Indonesia
Furthermore, 10% of all proceeds are given to further education for the Balinese families who hand make the jewelry pieces.  Cool.
I really like the contrast of the warm red rosewood with the milky moonstone. Rosewood is said to be a protective wood that can shield you from negative energy, and is also known for healing, improving circulation, and manifesting what you desire, dream, and need to heal.  Moonstone is associated with the sacra chakra, which has the primary purpose of emotional control, relationship development, financial success, and creative expression.  Moonstones are also known as they psychic's gemstone, as they are supposed to help with intuition.  

The chocolate treat in November's box is Coco-Nut Crunch from Nicobella Organics. I have an aversion to coconut so these will be a welcome addition in someone's Christmas stocking.
I've been wearing the bracelet and mala this week and I'm really liking them!  I do find myself fingering the beads frequently, and I'm hoping I can get back in the habit of saying mantras, as I do find them helpful for focusing my mind.  My yoga practice is somewhat of a necessity due to my not quite straight spine and the issues that engenders, but I'm still quite a novice.
I'm looking forward to December's Yogi Surprise, which will include a Green Tree Agate and Rose Quartz Om necklace:

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