Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Makeup Room Reorg - Yet Again

It rained ALL day Sunday, and coupled with watching a video of a YouTube beauty guru's makeup room, I decided it was time to clean mine up and reorganize.
I switched out makeup tables, which will be more comfortable as there was no room for my legs with the converted stereo table.  Yes, I'm old enough to have had a turn table and albums, and this chest served it's purpose for quite a few years.  I almost threw it out a few years ago but the compartments work well for books - or storing makeup.
For years I moved around quite a bit, so it was imperative to have light weight furniture that I could move on my own if needed. Hence I had lots of wicker, and this desk has held up quite well for going on 20 (?) years old now. Pier One was my furniture store of choice back then. I still like it (both the desk and the store).
These wood monstrosities were picked up at a 2nd hand shop in Nashville for a song, and after clearing off the TV and DVD's which were collecting dust, I can now spread out my lip products and perfume samples and actually see them as opposed to rooting around for them in drawers. The picture is a portrait of my father as the sensitive artist, which he actually was.

My house has dismal closet space and the bedrooms themselves are about the size of some walk in closets. So, the darker orange area is actually the closet, minus the doors. I don't buy many clothes, but I do buy makeup. It works.

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